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EXPERIENCED & PROFESSIONALLY registered Reflexologist and certified Kinesiologist nutritionally trained have been working from the oldest most well established clinic in Exeter for over 15 years. I also practice from Axminster and Dawlish. I am very experienced and over the many years of practice have helped clients with all sorts of problems so have a wealth of experience with all manner of conditions whether physical, emotional/mental and spiritual. I tailor my treatment to a client's individual needs using my skills and experience to find the right tools to help them. Clients respond in different ways but most find the treatments helpful in addressing their problems and leave feeling relaxed, energised and empowered. I aim to avoid a healing crisis so the client leaves feeling better than when they walked through the door. Treatments can open up new ways of thinking and approaching their health, well being and spiritual growth. I also teach Kinesiology for professional training/interest.

REFLEXOLOGY EXETER As a Reflexologist I use light pressure and work on reflexes on the feet or hands (click and explore the foot map below on right). In Reflexology these correspond to all the systems and organs of the body. Reflexology provides relief from many conditions and is very relaxing to receive. Reflexology is often perceived as a way to relax which of course it does but it is a powerful therapeutic healing tool alleviating many conditions.

KINESIOLOGY DEVON uses muscle testing. The muscle test is a very pertinent tool to detect imbalances in all the areas of our being. It then is used to show what is priority to help the client at that moment in time. This could be structural, emotional/mental, nutritional and/or energetic balance. Usually more than one area is directly addressed. When muscle testing is done authentically it takes the guess work out. For example I may 'think' a client would benefit from Vit B to help with stress but the muscle test takes the guess work out and shows whether or not that is the particular vitamin most suitable for the client. We are all biochemically very different and what suits one may not suit another. Using authentic muscle testing reveals the imbalances that need to be made that would best address the client's problem . Kinesiology also offers the client opportunity to start taking more control over their health and well being by providing tools the client can use in between treatments. These done regularly do help sustain changes/create new patterns.

ZERO BALANCINGI am also certified in Zero Balancing which can help with all sorts of conditions ranging from physical to spiritual. Indeed some clients experience it a bit like a Reflexology for the whole of the body. It is very relaxing and beneficial to receive .


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TOOL BOX If a client is not sure what treatment s/he would like I do a combination treatment. Many factors from emotions, structure to poor nutrition impact our health and contribute to a problem. The different therapies address these different elements; for instance reflexology has therapeutic effect on the systems and organs which is mainly energetic. It may indirectly help with emotions but it doesn't directly address the emotional body like kinesiology would. Through the muscle test we discover which emotion is directly linked with the physical problem and can address it.

THE COMBINATION TREATMENT Many different skills are learnt in Reflexology, Kinesiology & Zero Balancing. These skills are not mutually exclusive rather they complement each other. So although effective alone when skilfully combined and using many years experience provide me with a 'tool box' from which I can find the most appropriate tools to help my client's problem.

Combining tools I can tailor a treatment specifically to a client's needs and use the tools pertinent to their imbalances. Kinesiology using the muscle test takes the guess work out and accesses the different systems more accurately as well as highlighting the priority imbalance.The Reflexology/Zero Balancing supports and anchors the rebalanced systems. Therefore if a client has no special preference after the consultation I decide whether a combination treatment would be more beneficial.


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ABOUT ME I am an experienced professionally registered complementary practitioner based in Exeter, Devon with wide experience in the healing Arts (since 1994). I began as a Reiki healer/teacher and Reflexologist (Association of Reflexologists). I then qualified as a certified Kinesiologist and certified Zero Balancer.
I practise from clinics in Exeter, Axminster and Dawlish in Devon. My wealth of experience with all manner of conditions enables me to find the right tool to help bring relief to any problems whether physical, emotional/mental and spiritual.
I am a tutor for The Association of Systematic Kinesiology and teach the Balanced Health Foundation Course. I also teach energy healing and meditation. Meditation/Kinesiology Training


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